This website explores consciousness and living life to the fullest.

3 Realms of Life is the second website in our network of websites that explore the fullness of life.

Life is the experience of being alive in this present moment, moment to moment to moment.

There are many ways that our lives can be full:

  • We can stay busy.
  • We can travel a lot.
  • We can have many friends.
  • We can explore the world of ideas.

These are just a few of the ways that life can be full.

But here is a way you may not have considered. We can expand the experience of being alive itself. Literally, we can open ourself more to the experience of being alive. We do this by expanding our consciousness.

Living is the experience of being alive in this present moment. This present moment is the only reality there is. Being alive is the only reality we experience.

3 Realms of Life

The 3 Realms of life is a model for illustrating the full scope of life’s experience.

1. The model begins with two circles.

  • Each circle represents a different world.
  • The Red circle is the outer world.
  • The green circle is the inner world.
  • The brown area is where these two worlds intersect. This represents our personal realm.

2. Two worlds create 3 realms of experience.

  • The red circle is outer experience.
  • The green circle is inner experience.
  • The brown area is private experience.

3. The red and green worlds are real.

  • The outer and inner worlds are real. We do not control these.
  • Our personal “reality” only exists in of our own mind. This realm we can control.
  • We experience the fullness of life when these 3 realms are in balance.

The Fullness of Life

Section 1

The Fullness of Life

What does it mean to be more fully alive?

Section 2


The most basic aspect of who we are.

Section 3

Who Am I?

The “self” is only a concept in our mind.

Section 4

The Inner World

The varieties of inner experience.

Section 5

The Way of the Heart

The challenge to the Human Race: to learn the Way of the Heart.

Section 6

The Transcendent

We need more contact with the Transcendent.

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